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Volunteer Stories

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Volunteer Stories

The unwavering dedication and boundless compassion of our hospice volunteers serves as the beating heart of our program. Volunteer Stories highlight these individuals who are the embodiment of our mission to honor quality of life, and their contributions are truly invaluable. Explore more about becoming a hospice volunteer.

hospice volunteer

Celebrating Volunteers: The Heartbeat of Compassus Hospice Programs

We are particularly excited to spotlight two remarkable women from our Tullahoma program, Ann Chandler and Dianna Ogden, whose stories of love, loss, and generosity embody the true spirit of hospice volunteerism.

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Daniel Dore Columbia New Vol Photo

The Heartbeat of Compassus: The Rewards of Being a Hospice Volunteer

One such volunteer is Daniel Dore, a Compassus Volunteer and veteran from our Columbia, Tennessee program. Daniel’s story exemplifies the profound mutual benefits of hospice volunteering. He visits patient and veteran “John” every other week on Fridays. 

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Goodbye Denise

Celebrating Gloria Denise Griffin: A Pillar of Compassion and Dedication

This week, the Compassus Colorado Springs program bids a heartfelt farewell and a joyous retirement to Gloria Denise Griffin, a dedicated nurse whose career spans an impressive 18 years. Gloria Denise began her journey in May 2006 and then worked with Evercare Hospice which later became Compassus.

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Musical Memories Orchestra

Celebrating Life Through Music: Compassus Indianapolis Hosts “A Musical Memories Orchestra”

Compassus’ Indianapolis, Indiana hospice program recently had the honor of celebrating and paying tribute to our patients and their families through a heartwarming concert by a local volunteer orchestra at the Compassus inpatient facility.

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Celebrating Calder: A Beloved Volunteer for Compassus

One very special volunteer for our Ellijay, Georgia program and surrounding communities stands out: Calder, a collie therapy dog who has touched countless lives with his gentle presence and unwavering dedication.

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Susan Martinolich volunteer

The Journey Of A Hospice Volunteer: Susan Martinolich

As National Volunteer Month draws to a close, we are thrilled to spotlight another extraordinary volunteer, Susan Martinolich, from our Bullhead City, Arizona program.

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susan lavine volunteer

Susan LaVine

Susan LaVine, a dedicated volunteer with the Compassus hospice program in Colorado Springs, shares her transformative experience, revealing the true essence of volunteer work. Having joined the hospice as a volunteer ten months after the loss of her own spouse, Susan anticipated her role would primarily involve providing support to others. 

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Jeannie Perry Volunteer

The Impact of Volunteerism in Hospice Care: Jeannie Perry

April is Volunteer Month, a special time for Compassus to honor the invaluable contributions of our volunteers, who are essential to the success of our hospice programs. Jeannie Perry shares her experiences and insights into the profound impact of volunteering.

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Caroline volunteer

Celebrating Volunteer Month At Compassus: Caroline Quadrado

This month, we are proud to spotlight Caroline Quadrado, a remarkable volunteer from our Davenport, Iowa hospice program.

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compassus volunteer month

Celebrating Volunteer Month: The Heartbeat of Compassus

April is a special time at Compassus, as we celebrate Volunteer Month, recognizing the invaluable contributions of our volunteers who are truly the heart of our programs. At Compassus, volunteers are essential not only to our patients and their families but to our entire team, enhancing our community with their dedication and care.

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Zach volunteer

Zach Ben-Amots

Zach, a Compassus Video Volunteer with our Colorado Springs program, has a unique way of honoring our patients’ lives. Through his lens, he captures their stories, their laughter, their wisdom, and their legacy, transforming these elements into treasured video memoirs for their loved ones.

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mickey smith volunteer

Mickey Smith’s Story

Behind our hospice program are dedicated volunteers who selflessly give their time and hearts to support our patients and their families. Today, we’re honored to shine the light on one such volunteer, Mickey Smith, whose journey with Compassus exemplifies the essence of care, kindness, and our  ‘Care for Who I am’ philosophy.

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volunteer veteran

A Veteran’s Bond

At the Compassus Colorado Springs hospice program, a new Compassus hospice volunteer recently embarked on a journey that would profoundly impact his life and the lives of those he served.

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Kathy hospice volunteer

Kathy Cuppy

In the heart of our Indianapolis program, Compassus hospice volunteer Kathy Cuppy brings joy and celebration to the lives of patients and their families.

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Joan volunteer

Joan Courter

Joan’s journey as a Compassus volunteer began with a heart full of love and a desire to make a difference. In her role in patient care at facilities, Joan consistently goes above and beyond, touching the lives of those she serves in profound ways.

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Volunteer jeese

Jesse Riojas

Let’s shine a spotlight on one of our exceptional Compassus volunteers, Jesse Riojas, from our Alpena, Michigan hospice program. Jesse’s journey led him to Compassus, where he humbly volunteers his time, faith, and prayers to support patients and families in their time of need.

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Spreading Love in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, our hospice program in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, seized the wonderful opportunity to extend additional love and compassionate support to our patients and their families throughout the county.

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Alice Erickson

Homemade Holiday Cookies

The Compassus hospice program, catering to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and its neighboring communities, was pleasantly surprised by a heartfelt gesture from a local club—a donation of homemade holiday cookies! The intention was to brighten the holiday season and bring joy to those receiving hospice care.

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Nancy volunteer

Volunteer Nancy Russell

Introducing Nancy Russell, an exceptional Compassus volunteer from our Indianapolis hospice program, who has devoted 11 years of her time to providing unwavering support to patients and their families.

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Sock Hop

Sock Hop

Our Compassus hospice program, which serves Flowood, Mississippi, and neighboring communities, was delighted to receive an invitation for the 3rd Annual Abigayle Adult Day Center 1950s Sock Hop. The event was a joyous occasion, brimming with music, dancing, delightful food, and, above all, meaningful connections.

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care moment

Eula ‘Faye’ Koloch

The unique connection among Compassus companion volunteer Diane Potter, music volunteer Kathy Sax, and the remarkable patient Eula ‘Faye’ Koloch from our Indianapolis hospice program exemplifies the profound influence our volunteers have on our patients, highlighting the countless benefits that volunteering brings.

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Care Moment

11th Hour Volunteer

Just as we believed our Compassus hospice volunteers had reached the pinnacle of dedication, compassion, and kindness in their care for our patients, along came our 11th Hour hospice volunteers.

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Freddie picture

Freddie Johnson

Compassus Volunteer Coordinator Travis had the privilege of meeting with Freddie, an Army veteran and patient, who shared with him the significant life lesson he had learned about dedication during his time in service.

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