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The Impact of Volunteerism in Hospice Care: Jeannie Perry

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The Impact of Volunteerism in Hospice Care: Jeannie Perry

Jeannie Perry Volunteer

April is Volunteer Month, a special time for Compassus to honor the invaluable contributions of our volunteers, who are essential to the success of our hospice programs. This month, we are delighted to feature Jean (Jeannie) Perry, a dedicated volunteer from our Kennesaw, Georgia hospice program. Jeannie, who is also the mother of Compassus Director of Clinical Services, Stephanie (Daisy) Nagel, shares her experiences and insights into the profound impact of volunteering.

The Most Rewarding Part of Volunteering: For Jeannie, the most rewarding aspect of volunteering is “knowing I am helping someone in some way.” She finds that simple actions, such as making a phone call, can significantly brighten someone’s day- “it takes such a simple moment to change the day for someone” Jeannie adds. This ability to make a tangible difference in the lives of patients and caregivers alike is what motivates her continually.

Favorite Memory: One of Jeannie’s favorite memories involves bringing little gifts to patients during holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter. She enjoys these moments immensely because they are unexpected and greatly appreciated, bringing joy and light into the lives of those she visits.

Life Outside Volunteering: When asked about her favorite way to spend a day off, Jeannie enjoys being outdoors in the summer and cozying up with a good book or television show in the winter. These simple pleasures provide her with the recharge needed to continue her heartfelt volunteer work.

A Surprising Fact: Jeannie humorously notes that she is “nicer than she appears to be,” a light-hearted reminder that the compassion and warmth she brings to her volunteer work are sometimes masked by a reserved exterior.

Motivation to Volunteer: The inspiration to start volunteering for hospice came from her daughter, Daisy, whose dedication to compassionate care influenced Jeannie to contribute to this meaningful work.

Supporting Patients and Families: While Jeannie does not work closely with patients in a medical capacity, she plays a crucial role in providing emotional support. “So often people just want to be heard,” she says, emphasizing the importance of listening and acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of patients and families navigating the challenges of end-of-life care. Drawing from her own life experiences Jeannie eloquently states, “I know in my times of loss just knowing I was not alone was very healing.”

Changed Perspectives and Life Lessons: Volunteering has profoundly impacted Jeannie’s perspective on life, teaching her to appreciate her own blessings and the value of giving back. This experience has been both humbling and rewarding.

Advice for Aspiring Hospice Volunteers: Although Jeannie feels she cannot offer specific career advice, she speaks highly of the life-changing work performed by the hospice care team. She encourages anyone considering a role in hospice, whether as a volunteer or a career professional, to embrace the opportunity to make a significant impact.

Join the Compassionate Team Jeannie’s story is just one of many that illustrate the critical role volunteers play in the Compassus community. As we celebrate Volunteer Month, we encourage others to consider joining our team of compassionate volunteers. Your contribution can make a profound difference in the lives of those in need.

If you are inspired by Jeannie’s commitment and are interested in becoming a volunteer, learn more about how you can contribute by visiting our website here.