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Celebrating Volunteers: The Heartbeat of Compassus Hospice Programs

Celebrating Volunteers: The Heartbeat of Compassus Hospice Programs

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At Compassus, we shine a light on the incredible individuals who volunteer their time, energy, and talents to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients and their families. We are particularly excited to spotlight two remarkable women from our Tullahoma program, Ann Chandler and Dianna Ogden, whose stories of love, loss, and generosity embody the true spirit of hospice volunteerism.

Ann Chandler’s journey with Compassus began in a profoundly personal manner. Following the heartbreaking loss of her son, Ben, in 2003, Ann tenderly packed away a quilt belonging to him, unsure of its future purpose but determined to preserve its memory. Recently, a conversation with fellow volunteers sparked an idea in Ann’s heart—pocket prayer quilts. Being an avid quilter herself, Ann was immediately drawn to the concept and decided to repurpose Ben’s quilt into prayer pieces for Compassus patients. Arriving one day with the carefully cut squares of Ben’s quilt, Ann, alongside our dedicated team members, worked tirelessly on crafting prayer cards, while Dianna Ogden, a skilled crafter and fellow volunteer, delicately sewed on sweet buttons and attached wooden crosses. For Ann, it was truly a labor of love. “I can’t think of folks more special to share with than our own hospice patients,” she expressed, highlighting the profound significance of her decision to offer up Ben’s quilt. With Dianna’s assistance, the heartfelt project blossomed into a beautiful expression of compassion, as they dedicated themselves to crafting pocket prayer pieces for those in hospice care.

Dianna’s own path to volunteering with Compassus was paved through personal experience. After her husband passed away on hospice in Atlanta, she found solace and purpose in volunteering. Moving to Tennessee in 2006, she joined our Tullahoma volunteer team, bringing with her a passion for helping others navigate the challenges of terminal illness and loss.

Ann and Dianna’s collaboration is a beautiful testament to the compassion and community found within the Compassus volunteer program. Their dedication not only honors their loved ones but also provides comfort and solace to patients and their families during some of life’s most challenging moments.

At Compassus, we are profoundly grateful for Ann, Dianna, and all our volunteers who embody our ‘Care for Who I am’ philosophy. Their selflessness, empathy, and dedication are crucial to our mission of delivering comprehensive care and support to those in their final stages of life.

As we continue to celebrate our volunteers, let us take a moment to recognize their invaluable contributions. Their stories remind us of the power of kindness and the profound impact we can have on the lives of others. If Ann and Dianna’s stories have inspired you, we encourage you to explore how you can make a difference in the lives of hospice patients and their families by becoming a Compassus volunteer. Together, we can continue to provide the love, care, and support our patients and their families need and deserve.

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