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Zach Ben-Amots

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Celebrating Compassus Volunteers: Zach Ben-Amots

Zach volunteer

At Compassus, our hospice program thrives on the compassion, dedication, and exceptional talents of our volunteers. They are the backbone of our care, embodying our core philosophy of ‘Care for Who I Am’. This approach is not just a principle; it’s a promise to recognize and honor the unique lives of those we serve. Among our many devoted volunteers, Zach Ben-Amots stands out as a beacon of the profound impact compassionate care can have on our patients and their families.

Zach, a Compassus Video Volunteer with our Colorado Springs program, has a unique way of honoring our patients’ lives. Through his lens, he captures their stories, their laughter, their wisdom, and their legacy, transforming these elements into treasured video memoirs for their loved ones. His dedication to showcasing lives well-lived is not just commendable; it’s inspirational and resonates deeply with our ‘Care for Who I Am’ philosophy.

“Spending time with Mr. Frier, a Compassus hospice patient, was an incredible experience. I felt privileged to sit down with him on two occasions to hear many of the stories from his remarkable life and put them together into a video for his loved ones. The entire experience made me want to work with Compassus many more times, sharing in those precious storytelling moments,” shared Zach.

Zach’s work is a testament to the power of volunteering — it’s about making a genuine connection, understanding a person’s journey, and celebrating their individuality. His projects with Compassus have not only provided families with a lasting tribute to their loved ones but also highlighted the importance of our volunteers in the compassionate care we provide.

Our volunteers, like Zach, come from all walks of life, bringing a diverse range of talents and passions to the table. Whether it’s sharing a love for football, enjoying reading stories together, or simply watching TV with our patients, each volunteer brings their unique touch to the care we provide. It’s about making a connection, creating moments that matter, and leaving a lasting impact — not just on the lives of those we serve but also enriching the lives of our volunteers.

The rewards of volunteering with Compassus are endless. It’s an opportunity to share your talents, like Zach, or find companionship with someone who appreciates the same things you do. It’s a chance to make a difference, to learn, to grow, and to be part of a community that truly cares.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Zach and all our volunteers for their unwavering commitment and love. Their dedication not only enriches the lives of our patients and their families but also strengthens the very fabric of our hospice care.

If you feel inspired by Zach’s story and wish to make a meaningful impact, we invite you to join our team of volunteers. Your journey of compassion and care starts here. To learn more about becoming a volunteer and to share your unique talents, please visit us at:

Together, we can continue to provide care that celebrates life, honors individuality, and makes every moment count. Thank you to Zach and to every Compassus volunteer for being the true heart of our hospice program.