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Celebrating Gloria Denise Griffin: A Pillar of Compassion and Dedication

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Celebrating Gloria Denise Griffin: A Pillar of Compassion and Dedication

Goodbye Denise

This week, the Compassus Colorado Springs program bids a heartfelt farewell and a joyous retirement to Gloria Denise Griffin, a dedicated nurse whose career spans an impressive 18 years. Gloria Denise began her journey in May 2006 and then worked with Evercare Hospice which later became Compassus. Throughout these transitions, Gloria Denise’s commitment to providing compassionate care remained unwavering.

During her tenure as an RN/Case Manager, Gloria Denise touched the lives of thousands of patients, offering comfort, support, and exceptional care during their most vulnerable moments. Her profound impact on the lives of her patients and their families is a testament to her dedication and compassion.

Reflecting on her career, Gloria Denise shared, “My patients are not room or medical record numbers. They are individuals with faces, names, unique personalities with dynamic, complex, and ever-changing needs.” She continued, “Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most, taking time to fluff and turn a pillow, a gentle touch. A few uplifting words to provide a sense of calm. A friendly gesture, words of kindness to let them know you care, and they matter.”

As Gloria Denise transitions into retirement, we are thrilled to announce that she will continue to be a part of the Compassus family as a volunteer. Her steadfast dedication to our ‘Care for Who I Am’ philosophy and her unwavering compassionate care will undoubtedly continue to make a significant impact.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Gloria Denise for her exceptional service and the countless lives she has touched. While we are sad to see her retire as a nurse, we are excited for the new chapter we get to experience with her as a volunteer.

For those inspired by Gloria Denise’s story, we invite you to explore compassionate care career options with Compassus. Learn more about becoming a volunteer and our Colorado Springs program.

Thank you, Gloria Denise, for your remarkable service and for embodying the true spirit of Compassus.