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The Heart of Compassus: Celebrating Our Hospice Volunteers

The Heart of Compassus: Jesse Riojas

Volunteer jeese

In the realm of hospice care, there exists a group of individuals whose unwavering dedication and boundless compassion serve as the beating heart of our program – our hospice volunteers. These remarkable individuals selflessly give their time, energy, and love to support patients and families during some of life’s most challenging moments. They are the embodiment of our mission to honor quality of life, and their contributions are truly invaluable.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on one of our exceptional Compassus volunteers, Jesse Riojas, from our Alpena, Michigan hospice program. Jesse’s journey led him to Compassus, where he humbly volunteers his time, faith, and prayers to support patients and families in their time of need.

Jesse’s dedication is truly remarkable. Despite managing up to ten patients at a time across four different facilities, his commitment to everyone is unwavering. When asked if he wanted to decrease his patient load, Jesse’s response was a resounding “absolutely not!” He views each patient as a blessing and remains steadfast in his mission to care for and minister to them.

The impact Jesse has on his patients and their families is palpable. Their faces light up, their spirits lifted, and they eagerly anticipate his visits. Jesse proudly waves the Compassus banner wherever he goes, embodying our ‘Care for Who I am’ philosophy with every interaction.

We are immensely grateful to have Jesse as a dedicated volunteer and ambassador for Compassus. His compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our patients and their families is a true inspiration.

If Jesse’s story has touched your heart and you’re interested in becoming a Compassus volunteer, we invite you to join us in our mission to advance well-being and honor quality of life in the lives of patients and families.

Learn more about becoming a Compassus volunteer and take the first step towards becoming a part of our compassionate team. Together, let’s continue to celebrate and honor the true heart of Compassus – our incredible hospice volunteers.