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hospice care in alpena

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Hospice care in Alpena

Our hospice care team in Alpena includes nurses, medical social workers, hospice aides and medical directors take the time to listen. Responsive hospice care begins with understanding your needs and values. It’s our first step in a more personal level of care.

Our Medicare-approved support extends to the family, with practical, emotional and spiritual care throughout your journey. Call us to learn how we enable you and your family to have more meaningful moments together.

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a type of healthcare that aims to reduce suffering and promote comfort at the end of an individual’s life. Pain and any other symptoms are managed around the clock, and the hospice team focuses greatly on spiritual and emotional health as well.

The foundations of hospice include nursing care with an emphasis on managing symptoms, practical assistance, and emotional support. Caring for a loved one at home can be challenging. Our goal is to provide timely services to help your family make the most of your time together.

Hospice Care Provides:

  • Home medical equipment and personal supplies
  • Around-the-clock access to care
  • Management of complex pain and other symptoms
  • Hospice aide for personal care and light homemaking
  • Medical social services
  • Spiritual care and support
  • Physical, occupational, dietary, and speech therapies
  • Support from volunteers
  • Short-term inpatient respite care (relief) for family caregivers
  • Ongoing Grief counseling for the patient, family, and friends
  • Hospice has four levels of care, carried out by a team of professionals to ensure dignity and comfort at the end of an individual’s life.
hospice care in alpena

Hospice is a Medicare benefit you have earned

Did you know that hospice is fully covered by Medicare? That’s right, you can rest assured that nursing services, medications, supplies and equipment are covered when there is a diagnosis requiring hospice care.

Your benefits include

  • Hospice-trained nurses (RNs), aides, social worker and chaplain
  • Home medical equipment, medications and personal care supplies
  • Care coordinated with your doctor
  • Physical, occupational and other therapy services
  • Hospice aides to help with the tasks of daily living
  • Respite care (relief for family caregivers)
  • Spiritual care and support

Care is provided wherever you call home, whether it be a hospital, nursing facility or your personal residence.

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Ascension at Home, together with Compassus, provides professional care in the familiar surroundings of the home. We work with you and your doctor to get you back on a path to recovery and better health.