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Hospice Care in Wausau

Hospice nursing visit in Wausau

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hospice Care in Wausau

Support from Compassus enables you to live the final chapter of life with dignity and as much independence as possible. Care includes physical, emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families.

It’s normal to have questions about care, especially if you’re facing urgent medical concerns. Our first step is understanding your goals and values. Should your needs change, you can rely on our depth of experience and services to bridge the gaps along the way.

What to expect

Clear conversations to determine the right medical equipment, medications and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis.

A personal care plan and a team of hospice professionals. Visits are based around your needs and the team is always available by phone if questions arise.

In addition, we offer caregivers the tools they need to cope with illnesses and to make well-informed decisions.

Hospice is a Medicare benefit you have earned

Hospice nursing support

Hospice is a Medicare benefit you have earned

Did you know that hospice is fully covered by Medicare? That’s right, you can rest assured that nursing services, medications, supplies and equipment are covered when there is a diagnosis requiring hospice care.

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Care Connections

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Ascension at Home, together with Compassus, provides professional care in the familiar surroundings of the home. We work with you and your doctor to get you back on a path to recovery and better health.