Hospice Care Suites

4941 Montevallo Road
Birmingham, AL 35210
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Inpatient hospice care for the ones you love

hospice care suites at St. Martin's

Call us at 205-528-4956 for information or tours.

Inpatient hospice care for the ones you love

For those unable to continue hospice at home, or families needing respite (relief) care, our hospice offers 24-hour inpatient attention in a comfortable private room. Residents receive a range of care, from medical management of pain and other symptoms to therapies and family support.

  • 10-bed facility on the campus of St. Martin's in the Pines
  • Medicines, therapies and medical equipment provided for the hospice diagnosis
  • Furnished rooms made more like home with cherished personal items
  • The only inpatient hospice facility in the Birmingham metro area
  • Option of in-home care provided by our Birmingham hospice location