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Who Are the Members of a Hospice Care Team?

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nurses in group smile while discussing who the members of a hospice care team areHospice is a team effort. We work with you, your loved ones, and your doctor to offer a personal hospice plan that meets your goals and wishes for care.

Our experience teaches us that listening is the best way to meet our patients‘ medical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It’s how we provide the proper care with the right people at the appropriate time. Call 833.380.9583 to speak with someone from Compassus about our hospice care team. 

Members of a Hospice Care Team

A Compassus hospice care team typically consists of the following:

With Compassus, you can be sure that your hospice care team includes the necessary professionals and other components to provide you with the best and most appropriate care possible. 

You and Your Doctor

The first step in quality hospice care is listening to you, your doctor, and other healthcare providers. We should never forget that your goals guide our care. 

Medical Director and Physicians

The hospice medical director has overall medical responsibility for your hospice care. They work hand-in-hand with your doctor and other medical professionals to develop a plan of care that meets your goals and priorities. The medical director oversees the protocol for pain and symptom management. 


Members of our nursing team are important patient advocates and the most accessible care team members. A charge nurse will be responsible for your overall care and your needs. Nurses visit the patient as often as necessary and make arrangements for medication and equipment. They also provide support and valuable information to family members on how to care for their loved one. 

Nurse Assistants and Hospice Aides

Nurse assistants and hospice aides assist with daily personal care, bathing, and grooming. With regular visits, they also become a source of comfort, emotional support, and companionship for patients and their families. 

Social Workers

Our social worker team supports non-medical concerns, such as legal and financial issues, access to community resources, and future planning. They also address social and psychological needs by providing comfort and support to patients and family members dealing with stressful issues related to a life-limiting illness. 


Our nondenominational chaplains offer spiritual support directly or in collaboration with the patient’s and family’s clergy or spiritual counselor. Our chaplains honor the diversity in religious beliefs and backgrounds of our patients. 

Bereavement Coordinator

Our team offers bereavement support to address the phases of grief and acceptance. Support is provided to families for at least one year after the patient has died. Compassus also helps with funeral arrangements and can help guide family members through other issues necessary to address after death. 

Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteers

Volunteers offer the gift of time to patients and family caregivers. Sometimes that gift is the simple act of listening to a patient’s life story, reading from a favorite book, or running errands for family members. Whether you volunteer behind the scenes at a local office or one-on-with families, you’ll be joining fellow volunteers helping families navigate life’s closing chapters. 

Learn More About the Hospice Care Team at Compassus

When looking for home health services for someone you love, you may not think about members of a hospice care team and how the professionals and volunteers involved in caring for your loved one make a difference—but they do. Fill out our online form or contact Compassus today at 833.380.9583 to speak to someone from our staff about our hospice care team and how we can help your family. Our hospice care team is here to make a difference in the lives of those facing life-limiting illnesses and their families.