Why Compassus Means Better Hospice Care

Hospice talk

Families needing hospice care typically rely on their doctor for a referral or they start with a web search. Whatever path you choose, an important early step is understanding your own goals for care. Have honest family conversations to identify your most important needs and your questions about comfort care.

Many people don't realize that all Medicare-approved hospices offer the same basic set of services. So how do you find the best comfort care for your family?

Finding better care begins with asking questions. As you weigh your options, consider some of the ways Compassus is a leader in quality hospice care.

  • Independent accreditation
  • Quality outcomes nursing model
  • Specialized training that meets your needs at the moment and helps you reach your goals for the future

Hospice Accreditation

We have opened our locations to the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP), an independent, nonprofit accrediting organization. CHAP provides guidelines and conducts unscheduled, in-person visits to ensure Compassus meet the industry’s highest quality standards.

“CHAP accreditation is a testament to our commitment to quality and operational excellence,” said Jen Hale, vice president of clinical quality and standards for Compassus. “Evaluation by a third-party accrediting agency ensures we fully comply with Medicare certification.”

Quality outcomes nursing model

The best quality nursing care is about more than checking services off a list. At Compassus, a director of quality outcomes provides real-time feedback to our nurses.

One example is how we manage pain. Our quality outcomes model goes beyond asking about a patient's pain level. People react to pain differently. We ask how well we addressed the pain and we continuously improve and adapt to meet your needs.

Addressing your most pressing needs

Improving the healthcare experience begins with listening. Our staff is trained to understand and address your most pressing needs at the moment. We also understand that your needs may change over time. Our full spectrum of care adapts to your changing medical and personal requirements.

Hospice decisions often happen when you're dealing with urgent medical and family concerns. We offer more support when your needs are greatest.

We Honor Veterans Program

We Honor Veterans provides education and activities to improve our care for military veterans. The training helps us personalize our care to address the unique physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of all patients with military experience. What is the We Honor Veterans Program?

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Continue the conversation

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How to find the right care at the right time

Ask the hospice provider to meet with you and potential family caregivers. There should be no charge for this consultation.

Hospice services begin with a written plan of care. This is your opportunity to ask difficult questions and have your needs and values addressed. Talk with your family and come prepared with written questions.

Hospice questions to consider:

  • Who will be on my hospice team and how often will they visit?
  • What if our needs change or we need to update the care plan?
  • How quickly will you respond to emergencies after business hours, on weekends or holidays?
  • What is expected of family caregivers?
  • What happens if care becomes too much for our family?
  • How is pain managed?
  • What happens if a patient has uncontrolled pain or health emergency?
  • Are their out-of-pocket expenses? 
  • How do you handle respite or inpatient care?