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Korean War Veteran Who Served 4 Years Honored In Macon

May 10, 2023

MACON, Mo. — We are six months away from Veterans Day, but that isn’t stopping the Macon community from honoring those who served. Robert Bickhaus served in the U.S. Navy from 1950 through 1954. Sixty-nine years later, Bickhaus was honored by his family and the staff at Loch Haven Nursing Home in Macon.
“He’s so proud that he served our country for four years in the Navy, and so did his brothers,” said Roger Bickhaus, one of Robert’s sons. “He was one of five boys, and all five of them were in the Navy.” Roger Bickhaus and his family joined hospice staff members Wednesday to honor his dad. Robert served during the Korean War. He was stationed in San Diego, California, where he spent four years as a sailor. Serving his country during a time of need is something Roger says his father is extremely proud of. “The smile on his face and how much he appreciates it,” Roger added. “Because obviously Dad’s 94 now, and he’s getting on in the golden years. We haven’t found any gold yet, though.” Events like this are often touching, but organizers believe that honoring veterans like Robert can bring joy to the community. “It can be very emotional,” said Amanda Winkler, the volunteer coordinator for Compassus Hospice. “It’s very amazing what some of these people have done, and it’s a really neat experience. So, [it’s an] awesome thing that we can do.” Winkler also told KTVO News that she hopes to have more events like this in the future, to bring that “feel-good” feeling to the community. See the full KHQA article click here.