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Honoring Veterans: Colonel Kawiecki

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Honoring Veterans: Colonel Kawiecki

Kawiecki Veteran

Compassus hospice program serving North Andover, Massachusetts and surrounding communities had the privilege of performing a We Honor Veterans pinning ceremony at Andover Forest Nursing Home. Compassus Chaplain Danielle Helm and her husband, Charles Helm, a dedicated Compassus volunteer, and Army Veteran, came together to pay tribute to the incredible service of Colonel Lorrain Kawiecki, a career Air Force nurse.

Surrounded by residents and staff everyone gathered to celebrate Lorrain. There was a cake, adding sweetness to the occasion, and a rousing patriotic sing-along. Amidst this warmth and camaraderie, Lorrain was presented with tokens of appreciation—a cozy American flag blanket, a heartfelt card signed by her team, a certificate, and a pin, symbolizing the gratitude for her dedicated service.

Danielle Helm, filled with respect and admiration, expressed her feelings saying, “It was an honor and a privilege to recognize Colonel Kawiecki for her service, made extra special because we share medical career backgrounds.” She conveyed her gratitude to Colonel Kawiecki for her selfless contribution to the nation and its people.

Thank you to the Helms, their dedication and commitment, stood as shining examples of honoring veterans. They embodied the ‘Care for Who I am’ philosophy, showing that acknowledging the stories and sacrifices of our veterans is a vital part of honoring their service. Most importantly, thank you to Lorrain for your service and for the privilege of honoring and celebrating your service and sacrifices.

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