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Care Moment – Ellie’s Wish

Care Moment: Ellie's Wish

Ellies Wish

When a hospice patient recently began care services with our Compassus Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania program, the team had the privilege of demonstrating compassionate care and our ‘Care for Who I am’ philosophy in action.

It all began when Ellie, a beloved new patient who expressed her heartfelt desire to share her stories with the world. A former nun, educator, and lover of all animals, Ellie’s life was brimming with rich experiences and wisdom waiting to be shared. However, she lacked the necessary tool to bring her words to life: an electric typewriter. Determined to make Ellie’s dream a reality, the team sprang into action.

With heartfelt dedication, they reached out to their network of friends and family, spreading the word about Ellie’s wish. Miraculously, their efforts bore fruit when a brand new, in-the-box typewriter was discovered tucked away in a volunteer’s family member’s basement. It was the perfect match for Ellie’s aspirations.

Filled with joy and anticipation, the Compassus team presented Ellie with her new typewriter, complete with a fresh ribbon and plenty of paper. The room filled with emotion as Ellie realized that her dream was about to come true.

Now equipped with the tool she needed, Ellie wasted no time in sitting down at her typewriter, ready to weave her tales of wisdom, love, and life experiences. With each keystroke, she poured her heart onto the page, knowing that her stories would now have a chance to be heard and cherished by others.

For Ellie, this typewriter symbolized more than just a means of writing; it was a gateway to sharing her legacy with the world. And thanks to the unwavering kindness and thoughtfulness of Compassus hospice volunteers Lynn Jacobson and Terri Waskie Gross, Ellie’s dream became a reality.

As Ellie types away, her stories will echo through the halls of Compassus and beyond, inspiring all who hear them with their warmth, wisdom, and love. And to Ellie, Lynn, Terri, and the entire Bloomsburg team, we extend our deepest gratitude for reminding us of the power of our ‘Care for Who I am’ philosophy and the beauty of making dreams come true.

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At Compassus, our value is in the compassion and expertise of our teams, which act as an extension of patients’ existing care teams. We believe everyone who interacts with us should experience our individualized Care for who I am philosophy, from the care services we provide to patients and families to how we interact with our partners and one another.