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Care Moment – A Compassus Hospice Care Consultant’s ‘Why’

Care Moment: A Compassus Hospice Care Consultant's 'Why'

Care Moment

In the world of hospice care, every day brings new challenges, but also moments of profound connection and compassion. One such story comes from Compassus Hospice Care Consultant Evan Campbell from our Tulsa, Oklahoma program. Through Evan’s most recent experiences he uncovers the true ‘why’ behind his dedication to his hospice patients, their families, and Compassus’ mission to advance well-being and honor quality of life.

Last week, Evan found himself in a pivotal moment, advocating for a patient and their family during a difficult time. Despite facing obstacles in finding the right hospice house for the patient, Evan remained steadfast in his commitment to ensuring the best possible care. When the spouse of the patient became overwhelmed with emotion, Evan stepped in to offer support and comfort, enlisting the help of their chaplain, Roger Sheppard.

Roger’s swift response and compassionate presence provided solace to the grieving spouse and family, easing their distress, and guiding them through a tumultuous moment. Together, they shared prayers, conversations, and a sense of connection, that brought much-needed comfort to the family.

During this emotional journey, Evan received messages of gratitude from the patient’s mother, expressing heartfelt thanks for the care and support provided by the Compassus team. The mother sent Evan magnificent pictures of the morning’s sunrise, “she saw the sunrise from the bay doors of her room this morning for a little bit. She’s resting now’ the patient’s mother shared. The simple act of witnessing the sunrise brought solace and peace to the patient and mother, a treasured moment made possible by the compassionate care the entire Tulsa team worked to deliver.

Reflecting on this experience, Evan acknowledged the emotional impact of his work, and found fulfillment and pride in the profound difference hospice care makes in the lives of patients and families. “I try not to get too emotionally attached with my patients and their families. However, this family and the comfort, care, and support we have brought them, has really filled my cup, and made me feel so proud of the work we do.” Despite the challenges, Evan’s ‘why’ became crystal clear: to bring comfort, dignity, and support, to those in need during life’s most vulnerable moments.

Thank you, Evan, Roger, and the entire Tulsa team for your steadfast dedication to our ‘Care for Who I am’ culture. Your ‘why’ truly makes a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

Learn more about our Tulsa program.

At Compassus, our value is in the compassion and expertise of our teams, which act as an extension of patients’ existing care teams. We believe everyone who interacts with us should experience our individualized Care for who I am philosophy, from the care services we provide to patients and families to how we interact with our partners and one another.