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Care Moment – Palliative Puffs

Care Moment: Palliative Puffs

Palliative Puffs Care Story

Our Compassus hospice program in Payson, Arizona, recently joined hands with the non-profit organization Palliative Puffs to bring warmth, companionship, and happiness to two of our beloved patients. Through this heartwarming partnership, we witnessed beautiful moments of connection and comfort that touched the lives of Pete Hold and Maize Cook.

Pete Hold, a Compassus hospice patient, received a wonderful gift from Palliative Puffs – a beautifully crafted, weighted Labrador dog whom he affectionately named Chevy. The moment Chevy was placed in Pete’s hands, an instant bond formed. Pete held Chevy close to his heart, cherishing the comfort and companionship Chevy brought into his life. The team had the honor of acknowledging Pete’s service with a Veterans Pinning ceremony, making the day even more special for him.

Maize Cook, another Compassus hospice patient, was also gifted a lovely Palliative Puff cat. As soon as Maize received her new companion, she showered it with love and cuddles, finding solace and joy in its presence.

Palliative Puffs, a non-profit organization, creates custom-designed stuffed animals, or ‘puffs,’ tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of individual patients. These puffs are carefully crafted with the same materials as weighted blankets, providing a comforting embrace when placed on the patient. The intricate details in the eyes and faces of these puffs are designed to bring compassion, happiness, and companionship during difficult times.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team in Payson for embodying our mission to enhance well-being and honor the quality of life for our patients. Their commitment to our ‘Care for Who I am’ philosophy shines through in every action they take, enriching the lives of those they serve.

A special thank you goes out to Palliative Puffs for their unwavering dedication to bringing smiles, comfort, and cuddles to patients, not just in our community but far beyond. Your efforts have made a profound difference in the lives of Pete, Maize, and countless others, spreading warmth and joy when it’s needed the most.

As we continue our journey in providing compassionate care, partnerships like these remind us of the incredible impact simple acts of kindness and compassion can have. Together, we strive to make each day a little brighter for those in our care, honoring their individuality and bringing comfort in ways that touch the heart.

Learn more about our Payson, Arizona program.

Palliative Puffs

At Compassus, our value is in the compassion and expertise of our teams, which act as an extension of patients’ existing care teams. We believe everyone who interacts with us should experience our individualized Care for who I am philosophy, from the care services we provide to patients and families to how we interact with our partners and one another.