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Home is Where Healing Happens: Ashley’s Story with SNF at Home

For Ashley, a young woman in Birmingham, AL, the past two years were a blur of hospital visits. Struggling with low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels, she was admitted to the hospital 16 total times over the two-year span, spending months confined to a hospital bed. 

Everything changed when Ashley was enrolled in the SNF at Home program with Ascension at Home, together with Compassus. This program helps patients with short-term needs who are eligible for an inpatient skilled nursing facility care by bringing skilled nursing and rehabilitation care directly to patients’ homes, allowing them to recover in a familiar and comfortable environment. Ashley’s mom, Kerry, credits the program with a dramatic improvement in Ashley’s health. 

“We really, really loved the SNF at Home program,” Kerry shared.  “Ashley received a special BiPAP machine that not only provided oxygen but also removed excess carbon dioxide. This made a huge difference, and she hasn’t been back to the hospital for nine months.” 

And the benefits went beyond the medical equipment. A dedicated care team, including nurses and therapists, worked closely with Ashley to achieve specific health goals. Kerry particularly appreciated the team’s professionalism and focus. “They came with an agenda,” she explained, “and they drove things towards getting Ashley better.” 

This personalized approach contrasted sharply with Ashley’s previous experience with another home health care provider. “Before, they just kind of came and checked in,” Kerry said. “But the Ascension at Home team was different. They were friendly and had a plan. They got things done.” 

The impact on Ashley’s life was undeniable. Confined to bed for extended periods, Ashley wouldn’t have been able to access the therapy and care she needed without the SNF at Home program coming to her.   

“We’re still homebound,” Kerry admitted, “but Ashley was able to regain her mobility, improve her speech and strengthen her breathing. She even exceeded some of the goals she set!” 

Ashley’s story highlights the success of Ascension at Home’s SNF at Home program in providing a valuable alternative to traditional inpatient skilled nursing facility stays. By allowing patients to heal on their own terms, surrounded by loved ones, these programs can lead to better outcomes and a quicker return to a normal life.