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Care Moment – Ronald (Ron) Kazanski

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Care Moment: Ronald (Ron) Kazanski

Ron's Wish Care Moment

Compassus hospice patient Ronald (Ron) Kazanski from our Saginaw, Michigan program grew up and lived his entire life in Michigan. Over time Ron watched his family grow and take different paths across the vast United States. His son found his way to the chilly lands of Alaska, while his daughter bravely served in the Air Force and settled in sunny Arizona. Ron’s ex-wife followed their daughter to Arizona, where she helped raise three wonderful grandchildren.

Even though they were far apart, technology brought them close. Ron would see his daughter and grandchildren through the magic of FaceTime, but he had never been able to visit them in person. Until one special day, everything changed.

Ron had been living in a skilled nursing facility for six years. When asked about his last wish, he wished for something beautiful—to be able to travel to Arizona to live closer to his family and finally embrace his loved ones in person. But Ron needed help. His medical director said he would need special medical transportation for such a journey.

In the town of Saginaw, the kind-hearted folks at the Compassus Living Foundation heard about Ron’s wish. They decided to help make it come true. They provided airline tickets for Ron’s ex-wife to make the journey with Ron and arranged for medical transportation to ensure Ron’s safety during travel.

The team didn’t stop there. Before Ron set off on his heartwarming adventure, the Saginaw staff threw him a ‘going away’ party, showering him with love and good wishes from his friends at the nursing facility. They even equipped Ron with a portable oxygen unit, ensuring his comfort throughout the journey.

Ron excitedly embarked on his trip across the country. The flight took him from Michigan to Arizona, where he was greeted by a new team of caring individuals from the Compassus Phoenix Team.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Ron was reunited with his daughter, grandchildren, and ex-wife. It was a moment filled with tears of happiness, warm embraces, and laughter—a beautiful reunion that Ron had dreamed of for so long.

Thanks to the Compassus Living Foundation, Saginaw team, Phoenix team, and the kind support of many, Ron can now spend his days surrounded by the love and warmth of his cherished family. It was a journey that taught everyone the true meaning of compassion, love, and the incredible power of what can be possible with sharing our ‘Care for Who I am’ culture with our patients and their families.

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