Supplies you’ll need for home hospice care

Families are sometimes unprepared and rushing to get supplies to care for a loved one coming home for hospice. Compassus admissions nurse Jane Fuller put together a list of supplies to help family caregivers prepare for care at home.

  • Two sets of twin sheets
  • Under-pads; disposable or made of cloth
  • Extra pillow for comfort and positioning
  • Baby or adult wipes
  • Adult briefs (diapers), ideally the tab type
  • Baby monitor or small bell for the hospice patient to alert others when they need help
  • Thermometer, ideally the temporal or forehead type so the patient is not disturbed
  • Bendable straws, if they are allowed and patient does not have swallowing issues
  • Protein drinks or protein powder to add to fruit smoothies
  • Mild or bland food, including applesauce, oatmeal, cream of wheat, yogurt, pudding or bananas
  • Distilled or bottled water for the oxygen concentrator humidifier bottle, if oxygen is used
  • Night lights for the room and hallways
  • Small wastebasket with trash liners for the bedside
  • Handheld shower hose
  • Nightgown or night shirt, ideally loose, comfortable, made of cotton and without pant legs