Helping patients get the right medication at the right levels and the right time requires communication. It's a team effort between the the patient, doctor, the family and the hospice clinical team.

Exceptional medication therapy management (MTM) starts with understanding a patient's goals for pain and symptom relief. Our staff then consults with a patient’s personal physician to offer effective therapies, frequent patient consultations and family support.

Medical directors, at each of our locations, are available for consultations that can include a hospice pharmacist.

Managing pain at the end of life

One of the first questions we ask hospice patients is, “what really matters to you at the end of life?” Managing pain is often at the top of their list. Learn more about how we help manage pain for better quality of life.

Medicare benefits for prescriptions

  • Medicare benefits typically cover prescription drugs related to a patient's terminal condition
  • Patients pay a $5 co-payment for outpatient pain and symptom management drugs
  • Patients do not pay for drugs received as an inpatient during a short-term hospital or skilled nursing facility stays.
  • Medicare hospice benefits do not cover medications not related to a terminal condition. Stand-alone Part D plan or Medicare Advantage drug coverage may cover these medications.