Questions to Ask When Choosing Hospice Care

Medicare requires a standard set of services from all certified hospice providers. To find the right fit, ask questions and expect clear answers. The questions below will help you narrow down your options.

Questions for a hospice provider

  • How often will staff visit and how long will visits last?
  • What medical equipment and personal supplies are provided?
  • How will you manage pain and other symptoms?
  • Are there costs associated with any services or medications?
  • What if symptoms become uncontrollable or require emergency care?
  • What is expected of the family caregiver?
  • What staff qualifications or training do you require? RNs? Aides? Volunteers?
  • Are there support services for veterans?
  • Is care available after business hours and on weekends?
  • What if we're not happy with the quality or level of care?
  • What family support services do you offer?
  • What are options for short-term respite (relief) care?
  • Do you have telehealth options?
  • Can you share independent quality information about your location?
  • How long have you been in operation at this location?

Find care to meet your needs

Question to ask a hospice provider

Find care to meet your needs

People are sometimes asked to choose a hospice agency during a time of medical crisis. Making well-informed decisions requires understand your own needs and values and those of your family.

The Center for Medicare Advocacy and the National Association for Home Care & Hospice have jointly developed Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice Provider to help you choose.

You have the right to choose your provider

A doctor or hospital discharge coordinator may provide you with a list of local hospice agencies. Calling and interviewing more than one hospice on the list will help you find the best fit.

Hospice is a Medicare benefit you have earned

Hospice nursing support

Hospice is a Medicare benefit you have earned

Did you know that hospice is fully covered by Medicare? That’s right, you can rest assured that nursing services, medications, supplies and equipment are covered when there is a diagnosis requiring hospice care.