Retired teacher once again delights in the musical sounds of children

Music class and hospice patient

Justine was welcomed as a special guest for Great Oak Elementary school’s end-of-year concert.

As a teacher, Justine spent a good part of her life around children. So when Heidi Dube, RN, case manager for Compassus in North Andover, Mass., learned a nearby elementary school was planning an end-of-year concert, she thought Justine might like to return to the kind of place where she’d spent so many years.

After contacting administrators at Great Oak Elementary School in Danvers, Dube made arrangements to transport Justine to the event. Staff members and teachers were on hand to welcome her warmly as a special guest.

Taking a place of honor next to the superintendent of schools, Justine reveled in being around students once again as she listened to the chorale group and band perform lively renditions of favorite songs.

Happily, Justine’s special visit rekindled a lost tradition at Great Oak Elementary. The previous music teacher often took small groups of students to the nursing home where Justine now resided, but that practice ended with the death of that teacher. Now the school plans to resume the tradition of bringing music to the nursing home’s residents.

This meaningful outing illustrates how our entire care team remains committed to finding and nurturing opportunities to enhance the welfare and to maintain, as much as possible, the essential elements of our patients’ lifestyles whenever we can.

By Marcia Winn

Marcia is a social worker for Compassus in North Andover, Massachusetts