Meaningful Memorial Services

Memorial quilt

Mike Fritz, MAPC/MDIV/ PHD. IFCC, a bereavement coordinator for Compassus — Central Texas, introduced special ways to make annual memorial services even more meaningful for his grieving families.

Our annual memorial service for bereaved families is a time of reflection, remembrance, and encouragement. This year, we added two things that went over very well.

We selected a “spring” theme, which, because it was the first week of spring, indicated new life, new beginnings, and all the normal things we associate with spring. However, I added a new twist to the word “spring” by making an acronym out of the word. SPRING stood for Sharing Personal Remembrance of Individuals Now Glorified, which captures feeling refreshed and renewed.

Spring is now something that one can look at and begin to smile as they remember their loved ones are now glorified.

I also shared a poem I wrote that describes how people affect others in our lives:

The Fabric of Life

In the fabric of life

There comes along a person

Who seems to be able to work magic.

These people are those who can be called

“The Thread.”

They connect the various fabrics of family,

friends, and all those they meet.

The Thread is so much the binding of material

That it is hard to imagine life without them.

But just like in a quilt that is put together,

So are the lives of those who this thread touched.

Lives are different now that The Thread is gone,

but The Thread binds the people together to make

a beautiful masterpiece.

This masterpiece The Thread created is called


This article originally appeared in Everyday Compassion magazine. To browse full issues of the magazine, click here.