‘It Is Truly My Calling’

The love that Monica Perez, a certified nursing assistant for Compassus–Yuma, has for her work frequently shows up in her writing.

Inspired by Life

Monica Perez, a CNA for Compassus-Yuma, writes poetry and songs to express herself.

“The poems/songs I write are inspired by life experiences. Honestly, they are truly God-inspired,” she says.

These verses were written for a particular patient. “I knew my patient was living his last hours. This poem was birthed out of the pain I was feeling and was written the night before he passed away,” she says.

Monica feels deeply about her work, which shows in her writing. “It is truly my calling to serve the terminally ill and team up with their families,” she says “I ‘get to’ be a part of their life. It’s not just a shower or sponge bath I assist them with; it’s my heart, my time, my all, and yes, sometimes a song.”

It Was an Honor to Serve You

It was an honor to serve you
I’ll remember your smile and the way your eyes lit up
when I walked in your home

It was an honor to serve you
You shared the same stories but I listened intently
as though it was the first time you shared

It was an honor to serve you
You always spoke a kind word of how you appreciated
my assistance

It was an honor to serve you
We sang God Bless America and Oh Beautiful
Then joked about going on tour

It was an honor to serve you
I’ll cherish the last words you spoke to me
“You’re a good person”

It was an honor to serve you
I know God loves me, for I was graced with your presence
if only for a season

It was an honor to serve you
Our visits will be no more but memories of you
are treasured within my heart
Yes, life goes on and there are more to serve one day at a time
But truly it was an honor to know you and an honor to serve you.

This article originally appeared in Everyday Compassion magazine. To browse full issues of the magazine, click here.