Compassus Pillars of Success

At Compassus, we share a culture established around three core values: Compassion, Integrity and Excellence.


Compassus adheres to six pillars, which we refer to as our “Pillars of Success.” The Pillars have been established to provide us with a common foundation for setting our organizational goals and consistent direction in pursuit of them. There is a synergy among the Pillars, so that each works in concert with the others in our quest for excellence in care and service.

1. Regulatory Compliance

Through detailed documentation coupled with defined policies and procedures, we ensure our compliance with health care industry regulations.

2. Colleagues and Culture

Our people are our most valuable asset, and our culture of respect provides support to our colleagues. Through communication and development, our colleagues become knowledgeable in their jobs and committed to achieving results.

3. Quality Care

Through the interactions of our interdisciplinary team with patients, family members, and caregivers, we provide the highest quality hospice care.

4. Service Excellence

We are committed to providing care in a manner that exceeds the expectations of:

  • our patients
  • our referral sources
  • our families
  • our communities

5. Program Growth

Growth is an outcome of attaining our goals in the first four Pillars of Success. It is a measure of our company’s good health and the response of the community, showing they trust us to care for their loved ones.

6. Fiscal Responsibility

Financial stability enables us to enhance our services and reach patients and families that are not receiving adequate hospice services today.