Our Higher Purpose and Vision

Our Higher Purpose

Profoundly advancing the well-being and honoring the dignity of those we serve,

helping make the world a better place--one family at a time.

Our Vision

Compassus is leading the transformation of healthcare delivery: continuously and measurably improving the quality of person-centered, physician-driven, team-based care.

We hope payers view Compassus in this way:

Compassus delivers outcome-based value through high-quality patient-centric care, expanding access to qualified individuals while putting compliance at the forefront and providing health care system cost savings. 

Through the eyes of our colleagues

Robert Morris

Robert Morris, Chaplain

Fayetteville, Georgia

Through the eyes of our colleagues

"Chaplain Robert has a true gift for bringing peace to others with his positive and caring attitude, exceptional ability to understand and comfort grieving families and willingness to support colleagues."